Wednesday, December 14, 2016

christmas is coming...

Christmas is coming and I have been spreading cheer around the centre the last couple of weeks. my staff are so impressed at how much fun I am having in all of my session and how I am coming out of my shell. I am joining in on lots more conversations and I am laughing and giggling. |Our xmas tree went up and the place is looking glittery and festive so my way of helping has been to arrange the room and help arrange pillows in the Sensory room. I love the sensory room!
Yesterday, I went to the music room, arrange the cushions on the couch and then decided to lie down. when my friends walked passed I would smile and giggle. how fun!
here is a cool picture of Me with my parents, they came to see my Christmas play at the Detour theatre at the historic village. I was very excited to come back after and was beaming. I am Awesome!!

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